5 Reasons Why Cats Are The Best

1. You have to work for the approval of cats.



This might seen like a turn off but, in reality, the fact that an owner has to work for the approval of their cat is a blessing. It gives owners a way of judging just how much they’ve bonded with their. A finicky cat that chooses to sit on the lap of its’ owner shows how an owner’s love can really win the animal over.

2. Cats always feel like fluffy little angels.


You can’t compare the luxurious fur of a feline to the greasy strands of a dog’s fur. Cat’s clean themselves better, and this adds to the pleasure of stroking a cute kitty.

3. The internet loves cats.


If you own a cat, you have the opportunity to be the owner of a fuzzy internet star.

4. Catnip.


A little bit of catnip guarantees immense entertainment. Researchers think that catnip triggers the “happy” receptor in a cats brain, which is what causes them to go nuts. Watching a cat space out brings joy to everyone involved.

5. Cats’ have blessed little purr boxes.


Nobody knows why cats purr. Yeah, it’s weird but nobody really cares because purring is awesome. Stroking the chin of a purring cat is an instant stress reliever. There is no deeper contentment than cuddling up with a purring cat.


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Cats Are The Best

  1. So true!! 👍❤️ I have loved all of my cats, and although I sometimes I surpringly witnessed their fluffy little bodies slide out from my grips, as they found something more curious at the moment, or determined that was enough…cats are the best!!


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