Shadow Sides

We live in a fallen world where the death that comes with sin has perverted everything around us. I think a part of this perversion takes our greatest God-given gift and mutates it into one of our deepest, if not our worst, struggle.

I find that my mind is both my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. With my mind I have the ability to analyze and have a deep understanding of people. With my mind I am able to write music, poetry, and books. God has blessed me with a mind that understands concepts and how things connect.

None of these gifts come without a price, though. My mind has also taken me to some of the darkest places I have ever been. My mind has held me captive with hopelessness. My mind has twisted me into someone I’m not. My mind has been lost to the addiction that comes with depression.

The Bible states that Satan only wishes to steal and kill and destroy. I don’t think we realize that our talents are anything but off-limits when it comes to Satan’s hatred. He aims to mangle us and destroy everything we are because we are made in the image of God.

This is why Satan targets our greatest gifts or talents. God has implanted each and every one of us with a unique and intentional gift. Some of us have a beautiful heart. Some of us have unparalleled passion. Some of us have the ability to entertain and make others laugh.

What better revenge than to take these gifts and twist them into a horrific ailment?

A beautiful heart becomes anxiety. An unparalleled passion becomes a disconnection from others. The gift of entertainment transforms into a fear of man.

In my case, a creative mind transformed into crippling depression.

I want to remind you that your gifts were not designed for malfunction. Your gifts were not designed with the purpose that their shadow sides would win out in the end.

God has given you special gifts so that they will be used to serve others and fulfill the very special mission He has for you. We see in Jeremiah 1:5 that God knows not only who we are but what role He has for us before we even exist.

The gifts of God are your destiny, not their shadow sides that comes from the perversion of Sin and Satan.

Hashtagged Hoaxes

One of my favorite quotes is “A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth is still putting on its shoes.” by Mark Twain. I think this perfectly sums up our current age of technology with frightening accuracy, considering Twain died almost 7 decades before the internet was invented.

In the Western world, we live in a society that is entirely dominated by viral content and television screens. We find new products to buy, people to befriend, and ideas to believe all through our various illuminated screens. Information is instantaneously accessible.

Through tools such as Facebook’s trending topics and Twitter’s hashtags, we can tap into popular belief systems and see what topics people from all over the world find important.
While the age of information can help curb curiosity and draw immediate attention to current events, the internet is renowned for spreading false information at rates never experienced before.  

A quick google search for “biggest internet hoaxes” will result in dozens of hits showing people believing stories, only to later find out that they have been completely duped. This is a regular occurrence- so why does it surprise when we realize that our political, sociological, and philosophical beliefs can be based on lies, as well?

We accept lies in advertisements. We accept lies when it comes to products and what we’ll be receiving. Not only do we accept the lies of our politicians, we have been conditioned to expect it.

We, as Christians, accept lies about tolerance and other religions.

I see this trend of tolerating and even loving lies as something very concerning in our culture.  Better yet, I see this trend as something that needs to be fought against.

That is the point of this blog. It will be anything but perfect. I’m sure that at some point I will accidentally put forth a lie and call it the truth and I hope that my readers will hold me accountable of this. I might be critical of a belief you hold dear. I might be critical of a belief hold dear.

Regardless, I hope truth inspires you as much as it does me.