The Intellectually Superior Atheist

A favorite past time of mine is watching Atheist videos on youtube. I love listening to their reasons for denying the existence of my God and then forming a counter argument to fight against their beliefs.

In the comments, these people dissolve into a mess of self pride as they endorse their clear, true entirely undogmatic view of the world. They scoff at how ignorant, uneducated Christians can deny the settled science of evolution while they point out that God is cruel because He endorsed slavery in Exodus 21.

Antagonistic atheists try and prove that God is cruel as a way to dissuade belief. They’ll point to verses like the aforementioned Exodus 21 or stories of the Israelites wiping out entire people groups. In addition to this, they will also peg Christians as anti-science due to their limited knowledge of evolution.

I see a deep hypocrisy within these examples. Atheists tend to have a very limited knowledge of the Bible while Christians tend to have a very limited knowledge of evolution.

I find it ironic that antagonistic atheists do not realize that they are guilty of what they accuse Christians of. Atheists pull verses out of context as a way to construct a lie about the nature of God and the nature of the Bible. They blindly attack something they know nothing about.

I find Christians who are guilty of this to be just as at fault. By blindly attacking evolution we run the risk of polarizing someone to God’s truth by presenting ourselves as ignorant.

The assumption that all atheists are smarter than all creationists is undeniably false. Both sides are prone to blindly attacking something they have no true understanding of. As a young Christian, I obviously regard Creationism as truth. This doesn’t keep me from reading up on evolution or atheism in order to avoid blindly attacking.

I would encourage those who disagree with me to do the same. Actually read the Bible and apply basic Hermeneutics.




One thought on “The Intellectually Superior Atheist

  1. erichvieth says:

    I agree that it’s difficult to listen to many atheists. They can be preachy, self-centered, full of themselves and ignorant. For these reasons, many of them remind me of many religious people.

    Other atheists are highly knowledgable of the Bible, generous, kind, humble and working hard to improve their communities. Many of them are deeply sensitive to the needs of others and interconnected with others irrespective of labels. In these ways, many of them remind me of many religious people.

    I am an atheist. I don’t believe it is productive to try to categorize either atheists or religious people as a group. I would offer the caveat that not all atheists are like the ones that annoy both you and me.

    BTW, I’ve read several of your articles. I have enjoyed your observations and your talents as a writer.

    Erich Vieth
    St. Louis, MO


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