Feminism is Dead: The Wage Gap isn’t Real.

fewer_carrots“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting its pants on.” I have yet to find a phrase that better portrays modern day feminism. The reasons why I simply must consider myself a feminist are shoved down my throat everywhere from parody accounts on twitter to New York Times articles. It is such a vogue movement to be apart of it seems that no one is taking the time to see that the current feminism we have in the west is nothing more than lies traveling at the speed of light.

I probably would of been a feminist a few decades ago, when it was actually relevant in our culture. But, in the present day, I simply prefer not to entangle myself in the trap of victimhood mentality. Feminism in the west is dead. Please, let it rest in peace.

There are so many lies that are repeated so often in our culture so multiple blog posts will be created to comprehensively show how very dead feminism is.

We’ll start with the most prevalent, yet most debunked myth of them all- the wage gap. I’ll watch these supposedly inspirational videos by Kristen Wigg or Buzzfeed and find myself groaning every time this silly and easily rebutted point is brought up.

The claim that women make around 79 cents for the same amount for the same amount of work is such a blatantly divisive and false claim. This claim might account for the numbers but not the choices behind them.

For one, men on average literally work more hours than women. It’s common sense that working more hours will generate more money. When working as a waitress over the summer, I never felt as though there was any foul play when my colleagues who worked an eight hour shift earned more than I would in my four hour one. Putting in more time and effort into work generates more money.

Feminists like to point out that this is a result of gender roles and the fact that women are expected to take care of children, unlike their male counterparts. While there is certainly little debate that women take the primary role of caregiver, feminists call foul. This role of women is not as result of an oppressive patriarchy but basic science. Women are fundamentally different than men on both a psychological and emotional level. The reason that women generally care for children is not a result of weakness- but because they are stronger in the area caregiving. Your average man is stronger when it comes to enforcing rules and laying down the law but your average women is stronger when comes to the full time job of fulfilling a child’s emotional needs.

Seriously- who’s side of the bed did you shake when you threw up as a kid? Mom’s.

Even if you disagree with my view of gender roles, motherhood’s effect on the wage gap is rather small. The biggest contribution is the careers women go into. 40% of math majors are women but the majority of these women end up going into teaching This is because passion trumps practicality. Women aren’t choosing to become teachers or social workers because they want to make big bucks- they choose these jobs because they care.

So, all in all, women aren’t paid less due to evil capitalistic men. Women, as a general population, face an earnings gap due to choices made by the majority of the gender. You can argue the merit behind these choices but you can’t argue that the wage gap is a myth.

Women make different career choices than men and perhaps this is why feminists continually hang the wage gap theory over everybody’s head. Because it shows that women are fundamentally different from men.


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